Dhammapada in Poetry Form

The Dhammapada, is the best known and most widely esteemed text in the Pali Tipitaka, the sacred scriptures of Buddhism. The work is included in the Khuddaka Nikaya (“Minor Collection”) of the Sutta Pitaka, but its popularity has raised it far above the single niche it occupies in the scriptures to the ranks of a world religious classic. Composed in the ancient Pali language, this slim anthology of verses constitutes a perfect compendium of the Buddha’s teaching, comprising between its covers all the essential principles elaborated at length in the forty-odd volumes of the Pali. A Tamil writer and poet, Mr. Yazhan Athi, has translated the Dhammapada in Tamil in a poetry form. The Dhammapada, till date, has been translated in many languages, including Tamil in prose form. The Tamil Poetry version of the books was released May 2013 in Chennai by Buddha’s Light International Association.

Mr. Yazhan Athi, a school teacher by profession, is presently residing in Ambur in Tamil Nadu. Mr Yazhan, as a writer and poet, has written many books, including many well known books such as Sevipparai, Isai Uthir Kaalam, Nedunthee and Kaspa. He is recognized as one of the notable modern poet in Tamil language. The translation of Dhammapada to Tamil language has also been done using simple words which are easy to understand for a reader.


Mr. Yazhan Athi came to know about Buddhism thoughts through Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s writings. He says “I had an opportunity to read Dr Ambedkar’s ‘Buddha and His Dhamma’ and I got attracted to Buddhist thoughts.”


Published in Issue I, June 2013

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