Dr. Ambedkar Memorial in USA

Dr. Ambedkar International Centre (AIC) announced on 10th May, 2013 that it has acquired a 13 acres property in Washington DC area with the aim of uniting all Ambedkarites in the USA and abroad and establishing a collective leadership that would work to build an enlightened society in South Asia based on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s principles and vision.

Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar-father of modern India and the Indian constitution, graduate of Columbia University, Doctorate from London School of Economics (LSE) and the first Law Minister of India after its independence – was from a Dalit community and created constitutional rights for Dalits, women and other backward castes who were denied human rights in a society dominated by upper castes in India.

There are several teams, organizations, groups and non-profit agencies working to support people from underprivileged areas in India and South Asia. These organizations are working to develop an equitable society. In practice, some developments and improvements can be seen, but a large population of Dalits and tribes still suffer from discrimination and injustice in all walks of life throughout South Asia.

To find an effective way to resolve these problems of injustice and the atrocities that stem from it, Ambedkarites need to stand united and create a forum, where all interested and like-minded people and organizations in the Unites States of America can contribute and stand together to support, help, educate and create awareness. To enable campaign and advocacy efforts, peace and justice awareness camps, educational seminars and social and economical activities, as well as create a support base, the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar International Center (AIC) was formed.

Today Ambedkar International Centre is networking Ambedkarites all over the world.

Many existing factions of Ambedkarites groups can collectively raise their concerns here and stay united. The AIC will serve as a venue for social change initiatives, meetings, conferences, celebrations and the propagation of Dr.  Ambedkar’s philosophy throughout the United States.

The broad objective of the AIC is to provide well-equipped facilities for learning, so academicians and students can undertake and disseminate the ideas of Babasaheb Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar.

The AIC plans to establish a library containing speeches, books, pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, microfilms, motion pictures, sound recordings, and other materials about Dr. Ambedkar and his ideas. The library will also host seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and fairs concerning the life and mission of Dr. Ambedkar. Acquiring property for the AIC in Washington DC area is a monumental historic achievement. Every great journey begins with a single step and acquiring this property is AIC’s first step towards its vision and goals.


Published in Issue I, June 2013

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