Buddhist Business Network, India

Buddhist Business Network (BBN) is a community of Professionals who run their individual businesses with a deep sense of Fraternity-Blue, Equality-Yellow, Exertion-Red, Liberty-White, and Wisdom-Orange. The professionals, necessarily, are risk-taking Entrepreneurs; bring ideas and values to actual life. Their success suggests economic well-being of the society.

At macroeconomic level, structural difficulties exist due to reasons of social and political nature. On the ground, logical expectations are of financial assistance, active resource mobilisation, market access and communication. While getting connected, Buddhist Enterprises shall share solutions on their problems increasing profitability and clientele reach.

A Business Network was thought out in October 2005, when several businessmen from different Buddhist countries gathered in Nagpur. Larger Socio-economic benefits were anticipated due to the Buddhist Business Network (BBN). However, a world-wide reach-out plan was made only in 2009 and process of identifying Buddhist Business Enterprises started. Today BBN members are spread over following sectors:-

  • Agro Sector: Textile, Food Product Export, Dyes
  • Manufacturing Sector: Steel, Automobile, Construction
  • Service Sector: Banking, Hospital, Real Estate, Hospitality
  • Quaternary Sector: Law, Design, Finance Planning

The number of companies joining the network keeps rising every quarter due to BBN’s unique services portfolio and member focus. Annual 20% growth in membership is directly apportioned to BBN’s ability to connect and facilitate the businesses in East Asia.

The Buddhist Business Network welcomes the act of building solidarity amongst member Companies. The Companies share thoughts, concerns and resources within and without. The Network sends strategic missions in order to interact with various pressure groups and business ally in different Buddhist countries thereby lobbying and offering social security to its member Companies. Together socio-economic interests of the community and the Nation are preserved.

The Enterprises enter the Buddhist Business Network with many benefits in mind, few likely are:

  • It enables Enterprises Share Resources
  • It also helps Enterprises for joint publicity tools range
  • Enterprises become part of Business Delegation across the territories
  • Economic way to analyze Market forces
  • Listing, prototyping, product ideas

BBN has been organising the Business Meet of Buddhist Business Persons (BBP) in order to increase the interactions and networking. Being headquartered at Pune, BBN organised its first BBN meet at Pune in September 2012. The meet was attended by the Buddhist Business Persons mainly from Pune and nearby area. After successful meet at Pune, BBN organised its second meet at Mumbai on 23rd February 2013 at Hotel Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai. The Meet was attended by more than 100 BBPs from Mumbai and nearby area.  BBN’s 3rd Business Meet was in Nagpur on 20th April, 2013 at Jubilee Hall, Sun N Sand Hotel.  Nagpur Meet was attended by more than 70 BBPs mainly from SME sector. BBN’s 4th Business Meet was held 29th May, 2013 at MNR Plaza, Vijayapuri, Tarnaka, Hyderabad. Soon BBN will be organizing a Business Meet of BBPs in Chennai.

BBN has also planned a historical visit of BBPs from SME sector from India to Sri Lanka in July 2013.  The delegation will have convention of two days at Colombo, Sri Lanka, followed by visit to various industrial projects in Sri Lanka.  The main objective of BBN’s Sri Lanka Meet is to organise interactive sessions with Sri Lankan Business Persons so that there can be exchange of ideas which can lead to business tie-ups amongst the Buddhist Business Persons from India and Sri Lanka.

Please feel free to contact the BBN Secretariat at the following address:

 Buddhist Business Network  Secretariat,
C/o Manuski Centre,
Survey No. 247/14B,
Deccan College Road,
Yerawada, Pune 411 006,

Maharashtra State, India

Phone: +91 20 26698420, +91-20-2666812

Fax: +91 20 26698420


Published in Issue I, June 2013

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