2000 Kg Book on Buddha

Buddha and His Dhamma, a book written by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar on Buddha’s Life and Teaching has been translated in Hindi and etched into a stainless steel tome weighing a whopping 2000 kg at Agra, India. The 24 page book has the whole text of the 400 odd pages book “Buddha and His Dhamma. The producers of the book have applied for entry into Guinness World record for the tag of World’s heaviest Book. The books pages are 9.20 in height and 5.50 feet in width. The thickness of a page is 2 inches. Besides Taj Mahal, the producers are confident that Agra will also be now known for this book world-over. The Book will travel all over the India for public viewing before it will be kept at Gyanodaya Buddh Vihar, Dhanoli, Agra.



Published in Issue VI, May 2015

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