Life long Learning through Open and Distance Learning Mode

Dr. Krupapar Wasnik Published in Issue – I, June 2013 The Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode of education is now being preferred   not only by the disadvantaged and... Read more »

Globalization of Caste

Abhay Dongre Published in Issue – I, June 2013 “As Hindus migrate to other regions of the earth, Indian caste would become a world problem”  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar... Read more »

Application of Principles of Buddhism in Co-operative Movement

Dr Prakash H Karmadkar Published in Issue – I, June 2013 In the recent years India has emerged as a major global power. India’s economic reforms have made the... Read more »

Lord Buddha’s Challenge to Caste System in India

Ram Puniyani Published in Issue – I, June 2103 When on this (14th April 2013) anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, we pay tribute to his yeomen services towards the... Read more »

Buddha’s Teaching Methodology

Dr. Tilokasunkari Kanyawasam Published in Issue – I, June 2013 Buddhism is both a science and an art. As a science the Buddha teaches us the laws that govern... Read more »

Buddhism by Cultural Revolution

Vidya Bhushan Rawat Published in Issue – 1, June 2013 A senior district education officer in Uttar-Pradesh informed me that there was no untouchability in the schools when I... Read more »

The Path of Dhamma OR The Treasury of Truth – Issue I, June 2013

Dr. Anil Yadavrao Gaikwad   The Dhammapada is collection of 423 melodious Pali Verses spoken by Lord Buddha on about 300 occasions during a period of 45 years after... Read more »

Editor’s Voice – Issue I, June 2013

It gives us great pleasure in presenting the first issue of Buddhist Voice to you. This is perhaps the first experiment in India to publish an e-magazine dedicated to... Read more »

When the Student is Ready the Teacher will Appear

Vivek Sakpal Published in Issue – I, June 2013   It is widely said that the quote is a Buddhist quote. There are some people who argue that Buddha... Read more »

The Challenges Before the Anti-Caste Movement in India

Goldy M George Published in Issue – I, June 2013   Atrocities against ex-untouchables have been on the rise in India in recent times. There is no state where... Read more »