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Response to Issue IV, October 2013

I must congratulate everyone involved with E magazine Buddhist voice. This is an excellent resource for our community to learn about Buddhism, Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts and his vision and other relevant matter to our community. It’s a commendable effort.

I read Oct 2013 issue and I was very impressed. So many valuable things I got to read. I am thankful to you for forwarding it to us as I didn’t know about it before. I would recommend it to everyone.

I would like to suggest something. Baba Saheb always believed that without women’s participation in our cause we wouldn’t progress as a community.  As Dr. Ambedkar hoped for, so many women from our community are highly educated now and many are also into high earning jobs. Only few are volunteering but majority of them are not volunteering in any way to help out in any way help fulfill Dr. Ambedkar’s dream. They are content in their self centered existence. So my suggestion to you is you should write on this problem about educated women failing Dr. Ambedkar and also write about his thoughts and efforts to provide equal rights to women.

Keep up the good work.

Rita Badge

Comments on “Aspects of Psychology in Persistence of Castes in India” by Dr Anand Teltumbde”

I read this very interesting article written by Dr. Anand Teltumbde; in the Buddhistvoice E magazine October issue.

In this article Dr. Teltumbde has attempted to analyse the psychology of Caste system in India, he has attempted to explain how and why the System could not be abolished and how in the present century Dalit people are paying the psychological cost for being in the Scheduled Caste group of the Indian society.

In his article he illustrates how in ancient times the doctrine of Karma was used to explain away the lowly birth and associated wretchedness of the Untouchables. Then it becomes very intriguing to find him shifting the blame back on the Dalit people again in the present century; as was done for many thousands of years by Indian society. In the later part of his article he holds Dalit people responsible for being stigmatised by rest of the society because they are the recipients of Reservation Policy.

I will try and dispel the above myth. There are numerous castes that are benefiting from this policy. I will short list here some of them; Mali(Gardeners), Sonar(Goldsmiths), Shimpi( tailors), Kasar(bangle makers), Teli (oil makers), Koshti( weavers), Sutar(carpenters), Sali, Tamboli and many more. I did my best to give English translation of some of the castes, I don’t even know what the last two or many others did or do. My point is that all those above mentioned castes and many more do take advantage of the reservation policy when and where it matters and rest of the time these same people strut about calling themselves Marathas. Nay they might be on the forefront to attack a poor, illiterate Dalit family in some village. Will you please Dr. Teltumbde tell me why are they not stigmatised? Why do they not feel inferior?

Dr. Teltumbde also wants us to relinquish the Reservation Policy. No I will not relinquish this policy. This right was wrestled for us by Dr. Babasaheb and if THEY want to remove this right from us then THEY will have to remove it in a Democratic way. THEY will have to win a 2/3 majority in the Parliament and then amend the Constitution.  That provision is there made by the Only One Architect of the Indian Constitution.

Then somewhere in his article he accuses lower caste people of flaunting their lowliness! In UK on numerous occasions I have come across with people telling me without any prompting from my side, that they are Brahmins or  Kshatriyas. Why?

The answer of Indian Caste system is in the minds of upper caste people. Even Indian Muslims and Indian Christians can not escape that reality or the snobbishness.

Vasundhara Kamble

Caste based reservations should continue until annihilation of caste system. It is the aggressive caste’s responsibility to annihilate the caste system. They do not have any moral or legal right to speak against reservations while enjoying the caste privileges, being upper caste within the Brahmanical paradigm.

Until the time the aggressive castes enjoy the caste privileges, the defensive castes should have every right for reservation

I have seen Dr. Anand speaking for the demand of reservations in private sector. What is this change and why?

Karthik Navayan 

I am totally agree with Kartik Sir, as I have also observed that Brahmins are still consider themselves superior and they don’t want reservations in the name of merit and efficiency. In the following mail I have pasted one article written by  Prashant Mishra against reservation in promotion. Though some of his arguments are good and seems to be well manipulated facts which generally brahmins do. In that article I have not seen any single word regarding merits of Schedule Castes and their efficiency in the services after they enter into the field. There are plenty of examples where they are at top brass places and holding a good position because of their merit.

So, the argument of merit doesn’t suit against reservation. now coming to the point psychological factor is very much present in all sectors of society and till the annihilation of caste reservation should be there though it may have some pros n cons.

We cannot sacrifice the all for the cost of one there is still need of reservation till the abolition of castes because caste is the genesis of all roots.

I think brahmins should first relinquish the caste hierarchy then come forward to say that no reservation. I am fed up with this hypo-critic arguments what is good for you may not be good for all. Why can’t they understand the feeling of depressed class?

Jagdish Khobragade

I have not yet read the article by Teltumbde and if he asks us to relinquish reservation, I don’t get him.  If he is asking Dalits to relinquish reservation in jobs, education, et al, it is to be known that we never asked for it in the first place.

Teltumbde is asking us something to relinquish, which we never asked for. Yes, whatever reservations we have presently, except the political representation, was never demanded by us.  Babasaheb sought for us political representation and it is the output of that political share that the govts across the country and the federal govt was compelled to give that share in the areas of non-political interests as cited above. That was the power of political representation.

OBC reservations in jobs and other non-political areas was also the output of the Mandal Commission which was again the battle for political share for the OBCs.

Amol Ragade

Dr. Anand Teltumbde is one of the revolutionary thinkers in India. His contribution to progressive movements by giving new philosophical approach is really admirable. But do you know he is totally against of OBC’s Mandal Movement? Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar firmly stated that ‘without co-operation of OBC movement, we can’t achieve the goal of annihilating the caste system. This point should be taken for discussion with Dr. Teltumbde.

Shravan Deore             

Is reservations to OBCs in anyway related to annihilation of castes? Now Marathas also wants to be OBCs. Is this in anyway going to move ahead with annihilation of castes or rather strengthen castes?

Kolis who in fact are OBCs are enjoying the status of STs by producing false ST (Mahadeo Koli) caste certificates and getting reservations but no leader of OBCs is daring enough to say a word against these fake OBCs. Is this the way for eradication of castes as resorted by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Anyways the discussion that started with Dr. Anand’s article is going it’s routine way of diverting from the subject topic. This happens when our people don’t want to read the article in origin and engage themselves in fruitful discussion but want to jump to conclusions showing their intellectual bankruptcy.

It will be good if we stick to the discussion and do not divert the subject.

Milind Bhawar

Thanks for sending Buddhist Voice. Looks very interesting and enriching the knowledge and information.

Subhash Mendhapurkar

Thanks for sending me information.

It’s indeed good efforts & introduction of Buddhist Voice online.

For first time, I came across with such informative website on Buddhism and Ambedkar. I hope, the Buddhist voice is neutral & non affiliated/non political.

Harshal Tirpude

Thanks for sharing such wonderful and marvellous magazine in e-form. I have not read entire magazine but article on 22 vows is noted. Its very informative. Buddhist People are even frightful to write on 22 vows. I congrats you & your team for agreeing to publishing 22 vows.

Is it possible to print all the times 22 vows in your magazine?

Kindly let me know your consent to publish 22 vows all the times in your magazine.
All Buddhist & Ambedkarite are urged to inspire people around them to print 22 Pratigya/ Pratidnya /Vows on all types of Invitation Cards such as Marriage cards, Birthday cards, New home entering ceremony, Jayanti functions, Dhamma Parishad and Boudha Dhamma Adhiveshan etc. Be Courageous to inspire. Be innovative to inspire. Be authentic to inspire. Be first to inspire all around you to print 22 Pratidnya / Pratigya /Vows on all cards.

Your Dhammabandhu,

Arvind Sontakke

If monks and lay Buddhists had not preserved and propagated you would have know nothing about Buddha himself. In fact living the path of Buddha is implementing the same propagation which you are degrading; clearly understand Dr. Babasaheb, why he is a bodhisattva. Nothing will be in any body’s memory if not propagated or implemented. Jai Bheem, honor to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.


Response to Issue III, September 2013

Thanks Anil for taking care to send me the previous issues of Buddhist Voice. I find all the pieces in the issues very interesting. I am reading them with keen interest.

Prof (Dr.) Ronki Ram

Panjab University, Chandigarh 160 014 (India)

I have received the E-magazine of Buddhist Voice. It is really a treasure house of knowledge and value generations. All the articles were thought-provoking and specially those on Buddhism, Social Issues and Self Learning. I wish your nice endeavour and promotion of culture and heritage of the country. All the best.

Dr.  Laxmidhar Behera
Assistant Professor, Regional Institute of Education (NCERT)


This is an excellent attempt to enrich Buddhism on National and International level with Buddhist Voice Magazine. Presentation and over all quality of the magazine is excellent. Keep it up and maintain the quality. I wish for its better future and wide circulation.

Dr R K Sonkar

It is a pleasure to receive Buddhist Voice. Heartly congratulation for your hard work, study and starting  this magazine. Though yet  I have not read entire magazine but looking at your effort to wake up buddhist society is really welcomed.


Your editorial in September 2013 issue is well informative and well analyzed. Wish you success in further writing

Dr K S Ingole

First of all we appreciate your efforts. This is a great job. I am Srilankan Buddhist and we like to write about Buddhism in Sri Lanka, please let us know your views.

I will do my level best to collect as much as Buddhists email addresses in coming days. Since I am living in Australia, I will try to link with other countries as well.

Navaratne B. Herath

It is great indeed to be in Buddhist Network. There are so many activities happening around the globe. “The Buddha and His Dhamma” a historic and most scientific book written by Great Humanist Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.  Need of the hour is to follow the stream. I am happy to be part of this worldwide activity.

Ramesh Katke

Secretary, Buddhist Revival Charitable (Intl) Trust, India

Nice and simple exploration of Buddhism. Good Work.


Great Work. Need to work on principles of Dr. Ambedkar at international level. AIC is working with the same objectives.

Mahendra Gudade

Comments on “Pioneering Social Justice”

Very well summarized. I hope intellectuals would take some lesions from this very informative article and plan for establishing society based on the principles of Equality, Fraternity and Liberty.

Nitin Kumar

Comments on “Globalization of Caste”

Discrimination based on caste would have been a thing of the past which required to be heard only through books but for one reason. The Vaidik community believes it can thrive only with caste discrimination. This intellectual crime wave is the root cause of all evils. Incessantly, their agenda is propagated since their interaction with the natives since time immemorial. These Vaidiks continuously create ways for discrimination unrecognizable for a lay person to identify. Once this is identified which may take decades, they come out with much more deceptive and superior ways to sustain their agenda. Vaidik mind is afflicted with contagious malignancy unless and until it is contained, which is a preventive method from discrimination, otherwise we continuously bleed to overcome the ill effects of the malignant mind with little success.

Dr S Satish

Response to Issue II, July 2013

Thanks Gaikwadji.

I am indeed grateful towards your friendship with me and to send me Issue of Buddhist Voice.

Rajendra Pawar,
Senior Sub Editor, (Formerly Newscaster in ETV Marathi, Hyderabad)
Divya Marathi, Nasik Edition

Dear Editor,

Namo Buddhay, Jai Bheem.

Thank you for sending me such a nice news magazine. Kindly keep me in your mailing list.


Malji Rathore

Dear Editor,

This concept is good and needs to be kept up. We should now propagate the use of the humanitarian social outlook instead of social justice. For social justice still carries the element of some doing justice. Instead, our goal should be that all should have and development a human values.

Prakash Ambedkar

Dear Editor,

Delighted to see the second issue of Buddhist Voice. I will encourage other scholars and activists friends to contribute in it. Hope you will do well.


Jai Bhim

Suraj Yengde

Dear Editor,

Heartiest congratulations to your team. It is not easy to maintain continuity and also good quality. Second issue right in second month is very good.

One suggestion: can we have views / articles on latest interpretation of Buddhism and also the Dalit movement? That would be interesting.

Kind wishes.

Shirish Tambe

Very interesting article, Anil.

Thanks for sending it to me. Regards
Satish Kazi

Dear Anil,

It is really very great work. What you had in mind you did it beautifully. Let more and more people get enlightened. Its very good contribution. I am sorry for not contributing so far. But will read and share this important piece with my students and others.


With Regards,

Prabha Tirmare, Associate Professor, College of Social Work, Mumbai

Dear Anil,

Hearty congratulation and many thanks for mailing the issue. I have glanced through the issue and found quite well produced with balance of articles etc.

Wish the best for future.


Dr. Anand Teltumbde

Dear Mr. Gaikwad,

Your initiatives in such creative work is well appreciated. The topics covered are very informative to classes in our community people.

All the best!

Bhagwan Gawai

Dear Editors,

Congratulations. This is indeed a much awaited one. Keep going. Keep growing. But see that this E-journal is not used to promote any thing that is not provable scientifically. All the best.

Dr. Avatthi Ramaiah

Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India

Dear Sir,

First of all hearty congratulations to you and your whole team who has taken sincere efforts to have an international e-magazine. The most appreciating thing is that its worlds first Buddhist international e-magazine from India.

The contents which you have covered are really worth appreciation. Our best wishes are always with you.


Swapnil Dongardive

Dear Anilji,

Namo Buddhay!

Very good initiative.

Best Wishes.

Shiv Shankar Das

Research Scholar, Centre for Political Studies, Department, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Anil Gaikwad Jaybhim!!!

dhanywad! Hardik Mangal kamna!!!!

Sagar R Tayade 

Dear Anil,


For successfully posting second issue…

Anil Patel

Sukhi hotu Dhammaputra Anil,

A very big Sadhu for your noble efforts.

You may use the free resources available for your links in our nascent website

I am planning to visit India in October 2013. I will be delighted to give free public talks on a wide range of subjects/topics of interest. You may also refer to the several landmark books I have authored. Several more are about to be published soon.

With the Blessings of the Noble triple gem.

Yours in the dhamma.

Aanada Kumaraseri

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Editor,

Thanks a lot for sending me Buddhist Voice Issue. It’s nice to see all details and the spread of Buddhism.

Congrats. Keep it up.

Warm regards,

Ratnadeep Kamble, Nagpur

I am happy; you have started Buddhist Vision in right time. Congratulation to you and your team. Wish you all success.

Thank you,

Dr K S Ingole

Congratulations for venturing to publish an e-magazine from India. Just like any other world religion, Buddhism is also facing several challenges. As you embark upon this laudable objective of expressing Buddhist voices from world over through your magazine, we wish you all the very best and all success. Do invite great Buddhists world over to contribute to your magazine.


Umapathy Sathyamoorthy

As the History proves Truth of may or may not come out or may come out “Distorted” but as rightly pointed out in the editorial, It’s not difficult to imagine. As regards Buddhist Terror (Times mag) World seems to be under the impression that “Ahinsa Parmo Dharma” is Buddhist teaching. Babasaheb has already denied it. Buddhist certainly does not accept “Terrorism”. But as Babasaheb has said it Buddha’s Ahimsa is ‘Not by will but only if the need be’. Buddha never banned “Armies”.

It was a proud moment to hear this news of a programme at Columbia Uni. AIMS is doing a commendable job. I wish I would have been informed. I was there in US. Being one of the members of AIMS, felt bad. Missed an opportunity. Incidentally I had called Mr Raju Kamble while in US & kept a massage in answering machine.

Dr. Vasant Mhaske


I thank you very much for starting this invaluable E-magazine in India. Buddhist vision and thoughts need to be elaborately discussed. You have done really commendable job.

I wish you all the best.

Raghunath Awachar

Dear Mr. Goldy George/ Editor,

I read your articles through your facebook link (Issue 1)titled “The Challenges before the anti-caste movement in India”. Let me clearly mention that this is a thought provoking, highly intellectual and extremely scholarly article. Though I have been a keen student of the Dailt movement and Caste issue, I have hardly read anything of this level. The understanding of caste as a system in two parts like the material and the ideological-cultural-spiritual was a real revelation. This provides enough space to reflect back on history through a more critical prism. The way you critically connected caste, religious fascism, feudal order, and capitalism seems a well analysed and articulated truth. My understanding is that it reflects through the current affairs of state run democratic governance. As rightly pointed out, hitting back on the caste is to hit back on all forms of exploitation and discrimination. Though all other papers on different topics are good, this one from Mr. George appealed to be the most relevant in the present Indian context. Annihilation of caste is the first step in the process of establishing a just society.

Nafisa Samirr

Dear Editor,

Appropriate your step. In India, Dr Ambedkar’s majority followers/organisations live in confusion of Dalit or Buddhist. The movement is also very conservative. These organisations understand the asset value of Lord Buddha &  Bodhisatva but doesn’t want to share the assets. Please focus on Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay to reach all society members. I support your mission.

Jai Bheem. Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam.

Sandeep Waghmare

Response to Issue I, June 2013

Dear Editor,

Heartiest congratulations for publishing first unique e-magazine “Buddhist Voice”. Content of the magazine were strategically selected. Since its first of its kind e magazine with base of Buddhism, I have a small suggestion for publishing date of “Buddhist Voice”. Full Moon Day (Poornima) plays vital role in Buddhism. Right from Birth, Enlightenment, First Preaching to Nirvana all events took place on Poornima.  Poornima is basic reference point for all rituals in Buddhism. Hence, I would like to request you to publish “Buddhist voice” Magazine every month on the Poornima Full moon day.


Life Coach Mahendra Ingle

Mumbai, India

Dear Upasak Anil Gaikwad,

It is nice to see the Buddhist e-magazine launched by you. My well wishes to you and your team.

With metta,


Email from Ven. Vinayarakkhita Thero,

Bangalore, India

Dear Brother Anil,

Jai Bhim! Namo Buddhay!

The first issue of Buddhist Voice is impressive. I am really happy to see our media is rejuvenated in new electronic form available easily to the world of Buddhists and Ambedkarites in particular. Bro. Raju Kamble was telling about this sometime back. I know how much efforts and time you have invested to get it shaped to this level. I was publishing a monthly bilingual magazine “Dhamma” & “Sakya Dhamma” until I came to the US. The front page (wrapper) is beautiful. You can also improve the designing inner and outer pages in a very professional way. You can contact some young Ambedkarites from Tamil Nadu, particularly one Sridhar, who maintains and he will do wonders in online designing in latest versions and styles.

Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!

Let me know if you want any specific articles about Buddhism in South India.

In Dhamma,

Sakya Mohan


Dear Anil,

Jai Bheem!

Congratulations for launching the magazine, Buddhist voice. The contents look good and quite filling with 37 pages in it. More so there are plenty of advertisements. If done on a sustained basis could fill up the void which exists at India level as well as at International level.

I wish success to this endeavour.

Raju Kamble
Ambedkar International Mission



May Lord Buddha Bless this venture with millions of active readers….

Thanks for sending me the e-magazine Buddhist Voice,

Anil Patel,

Mumbai, India

It’s mind blowing content Brother. Who has prepared this? Very impressive!

Santosh Shelke,

Mumbai, India