Internal Leadership Development (Part – 3)

Life Coach Mahendra Ingle

Published in Issue IV, October 2013

14th October 1956 Dhamma Chakra Parivartan Day to 14th October 2013, 57 years have passed since Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar gave us back our Buddha Dhamma in the holy land of Nagaloka situated on the banks of Naga river at Nagpur. This historic event can be compared to that of World Heritage Ajanta Caves near Aurangabad India. These masterwork Buddhist caves were buried under the debris of soil and mountain fossils for thousands of years. Similarly, original Nagaloka Buddha Dhamma was buried, suppressed and forcefully exiled from the land of Buddha. Occasion, date and location for Dhamma Chakra Parivartan Din was very strategically explored and confirmed by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Many of the Buddhist historic events and traditions have been tactically hijacked and replaced by alternative counter culture by those who traditionally hate Buddhism. Victory of Great Emperor Ashoka coincides with this date as “Vijaya Dashmi Day”. After carefully watching the numbers associated with these historic events, Current year can be declared and celebrated as 14-14-14 year. Hence through this column I initiate and voluntarily propose 14 point self audit concept on leadership performance. Starting from 14th October 2013 and stretching till 14th October 2014.


14th April is Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Birth Anniversary, 14th October Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Day, year 2014 is to fulfil any 14 dreams, vision set by Thatgat Arhant Buddha and Dr B. R. Ambedkar.  I wish to dedicate this article for self performance audit in any leadership attributes of social reformation. Leadership is all about results and measurable achievements, demonstrated by leader to his followers. It’s high time we voluntarily set some performance measurement parameters for self audit. “Allow 14 RESULTS TO SPEAK” can be the mantra for year 2013-2014.  Through “Buddhist Voice” I propose these 14 points concepts for all readers and am open for discussions, changes, editions by the scholars and veterans working hard for social transformation.


Let’s set common “KRA” Key Result Area’s, “PM” Performance Parameters and “CoC” Code of Conduct; for our own self performance appraisal (You are eligible for self Audit only if you consider yourself as social leader). Most of us who are working or having own business have to undergo Annual performance appraisal assessment.  Hence, why not apply the same system for doing self audit for social work; its only objective is to benefit underprivileged component of society.

In this internal leadership development column, we will quickly glance at changes that took place in two generations from 1956. Since we Indian Budhist received back our own Buddha Dhamma at Nagpur in 1956, we shall again revisit to our KRA, PM and CoC topic.


Dr Babasaheb gave call to his zealous followers “Leave Villages and migrate to cities, educate your kids”. All missionary followers gauged vision of their messiah and started sending their kids to cities for education. These students aged between 15 to 20 years in 1960’s graduated and also pulled their siblings to cities.  Almost in every family the situation was more or less similar. First eldest son migrated to city, got educated and government job. He then pulled all his siblings and family members to city. The maximum sacrifice was made by the first person who got job. Other brothers also studied, got jobs and settled after marriage at place where they got their first job.


After 1956, around year 1960 to 1965 first Buddhist generation; graduated from Milind College, Siddharth College and other colleges spread in Maharashtra. Started building Buddha Vihars in their locality, formed cooperative societies, NGO, forming SC/ST associations at their office. Many joined politics or formed their own political parties. At the same time their kids were born around 1965 to 1975; started having better education with high leaving standards (Birth of Second Generation Buddhists after 1956 Dhamma Chakra Parivartan Day). Almost each family have at least one highly educated member in their family. Most of them joined Engineering, Medical courses followed by passing competitive examinations. As a result from these second generations majority of engineers, doctors, Public Sector officers, IAS and other state /Central government officers were produced.


First generation graduate Buddhist’s immediate target was survival and stability and also to help in other sibling’s education, but still they kept the spirit of missionary change alive by maintaining their jobs. But from second generation new young leaders were emerged. By those who were born between 1964 to 1976 new experiments of corporate social responsibility started. They started merging and blending Social revolutionary approach by their ancestors and aligning it to modern management principles. Many News papers and monthly magazines were started by youths in journalism; Young brigade started writing books and composing Audio Video Music CD with inspirational songs. Many youth leaders also started voluntarily working for Promotion of Buddhism.


As per the recent survey by Global Management Consultancy Hay Group on “Best companies for Leadership study”, almost 82% of “Best companies for leadership” use rewards that are based on rigorous measurements of performance against set goals.


Allow 14 RESULTS TO SPEAK”: 14 points concepts is based on self performance audit concepts. It has been sharply observed that there is one small set of leadership trait, both from specific set of first and second generation leaderships. This small set of leadership mentality takes common masses for granted. Poor underprivileged people are misguided again and again on many occasions of fake social work by these pseudo leaders. Many political parties, regretfully few Buddha Vihars and other social organisations headed by such pseudo leaderships are used as baits to attract masses for their personal direct or indirect gains. By the time people realised that they have been misguided or misused by such pseudo leaders it’s too late and they have been already trapped or the damages had been caused. Humble and simple masses again wait in search of new leaders in respective domain of social transformation. It is here the performance parameters of self audit will help the masses. A true genuine leader will never ever fear any type of Audit or it’s like the honest, truthful person with self respect will be happily facing the “Lie Detector test”.  Hence I propose to all Buddhist scholars and social reform veterans to draft common parameters for “Allow 14 RESULTS TO SPEAK”. As it is to be done with any performance audit all work has to be quantified and converted into measurable form. For example Time and Money Invested in any social project must be measured against outcome of results achieved and benefits to the entire team (not specific few).  Minimum 14 visits to nearby Buddha Vihar in one year, Dr. Babasaheb instructed his followers to keep aside 10% of income for “Pay back to society;” Minimum 14 donations to Buddha Vihar, 14 students helped by funding for studies, helped 14 people to start their own business, 14 times “Bhojan Daan”  to monks.  For starting any social project in advance draft common code of conduct and get it mutually approved by members. Before starting any project clearly draft Key Result area and final performance parameters.  Prepare excel sheet, take help of third generation IT savvy young engineers to draft program to measure resource inputs against outputs.


Before any social project begins end objective has to be clearly drafted. Roles and responsibilities of each member be written and signed off. Responsibility and accountability be clearly quantified.


Remember in all leadership roles across the world accountability always lies with the senior most in leadership hierarchy. But the responsibility lies with the actual leader who is fighting at the battle field. Military Defence is classic example to test understand this concept. Soldiers and captains who fight at the border have responsibility to protect countries border but accountability lies with the Defence Chief.


What has been observed in last three decades is that the first generation senior leader initiates some social project , second line of leadership give their blood and sweat to make the social project successful but without any specific code of conduct. Project is started only on emotional appeal to uplift society. Due to lack of Standard operating process and no prior code of conduct the project fails and senior most leader gets himself separated from the project and leaves the frontlines to face the society and blames other for project failure. It’s a vicious circle a slow whirlpool where many skilled frontline leaders have become martyrs. Shocking to know that some of the social projects were started for personal satisfaction, some were used as bait to misguide masses, in some cases calculated moves were made by unknown force and person hidden agenda of main leader of that project.


There is huge shortage of genuine leadership who dare to work with pre declared performance and self audit parameters. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote Indian Constitution based on which country is having pride as worlds largest democracy. Friends it’s high time to write constitution to measure leadership performance.


Without which pseudo leaders would come and manipulate common masses again and again. Request to Buddhist Voice Editor is to take a lead and draft.


Allow 14 RESULTS TO SPEAK”. Next time we all must be prepared to answer 14 result performance appraisal questions.  Ask simple question How much time is invested in the social project, what are the resources used for this project, What is the measurable result as output of this project, Who got the benefit from this project, were all those who contributed to this project were benefited. Similar self audit questions must be applied to any project which has social impact.


We pay income tax every year. Income Tax assessment is done every year. Hence this social contribution assessment is also to be done every year. If person says yesterday (in Past) he ate delicious food and today (Present) he can’t remain hungry neither tomorrow (Future) he cannot recite that day before yesterday he ate stomach full of delicious food. Similarly as common code of conduct and standard social performance appraisal parameters no one talk about work done in past and continue harvesting benefits of some social work done in past. One has to perform every year and show results every year. Performance appraisal will begin every year on 14th October , Mid term audit and appraisal will be on 14th April and Final Appraisal closes on 14th October next year. And the cycle continues.

For quick reference I have prepared basic template of doing performance appraisal.  Kindly take printout of this self audit Excel format for “Allow 14 Results to Speak”. Scholars and veterans in social change field can modify it. This is humble beginning and honest effort to measure work done with an intention of pushing ahead the “Chariot of Social Change” so that everyone is accountable.


All involved in mission of social change are aware of the famous quote by our messiah Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. “With gigantic hard work / pains I have brought this chariot of social change to this distance, if you can’t take it forward; at least do not take it backward.”


Allow 14 results speak Full Name Profile Back group. (Govt Employed, Pvt. Job, Business, Farmer etc)) Mobile and Email id. Address:
Sr No Nature of Activity of Social Revolutionary work.

Vihars, NGO, Political Party, Social Worker, SC/ST Associations, Educational Institutions, Farming, Business, Bachat Gats, Banks and Patpedhi, Business chambers, Social Scholars, Authors’ etc..

Start Date:



Today’s Date:


Main results achieved.

(It must converted in Measurable Quantity)

Members benefited by this project

For any clarification and discussions please contact or Buddhist Voice Editor.

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