Bauddha Dhamma Pahat

‘Bauddha Dhamma Pahat’ is an annual musical event being organized for the past few years. Pahat means morning. It is a Marathi world. The festival is being organized every year by Dr. Ambedkar Sanskrutik Mahotsav Samiti, Pune, India in the early morning of Bauddha Purnima day. The event is generally attended by many noted personalities from social, political and educational field.

As early as 5 AM in the morning the venue was stormed by the Buddhists in and around Pune, Maharashtra  and from the States of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.  By 5:45 am the venue was almost full to capacity but later with no space left people occupied whatever positions they could and remained in those positions up to the end of the program around 11:00 am.

Apart from the melodious music and the songs sung by noted singers, the orchestration was led by an All Women’s Band, that had been a part of a famous television show on one of the TV channels in India a few years ago.

The artists sung messages from the Dhamma Pada and inspiration songs forwarding the Ambedkarite movement. The songs were very aptly interspersed by anecdotes from the Dhamma Pada and thoughts and quotations of Dr. Ambedkar.

At the end of the program a clip on proposed statue of Mahamata Ramai Ambedkar was screened and donations were collected for the statue and for the Nepal earthquake victims.

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