Mrs. Vasundhara Kamble Elected as Councillor in Northern Ireland

Mrs. Vasundhara Kamble is the first woman Ambedkarite elected as Councillor in Castlereagh Borough’s Council in Northern Ireland in Westminster UK. We, the team at Buddhist Voice, congratulate her for this distinguished achievement. Ms. Vasundhara Kamble was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She has three grown-up children and was a teacher for seventeen years in India before she and her husband migrated to Belfast, UK in 1995.

She taught history in senior college and Ancient Indian History was her speciality. Mrs. Vasundhara’s main pastime is reading, but she also does embroidery and patchwork and is a member of Patchwork and Embroidery Guild of Northern Ireland. Mrs. Kamble also does voluntary work, mainly with Women’s Aid. It is her first time standing for election in Westminster. The Alliance Party has selected Mrs. Vasundhara Kamble to stand in Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the Westminster election.


Published in Issue VI, May 2015

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