National Conference on Health & Happiness at Bangalore

The objective of the National Conference is to fulfill the need of people interested in the teaching of Buddha and create awareness about the right path for Happiness and Healthy life.  Everyone looks for health and happiness. Dhamma provides direction on how can this be done. Young generation is now open for knowing this due to modernization and technology. So it is the time for Dhamma Revolution in India. We need to spend time using right skills, talent and right set of people ahead. The conference is also aims to connect people across nation for Dhamma revolution.

Eminent Speakers

The national conference is bolstered by the participation of internationally known speakers, scholars and authors from Buddhist and other communities.  The eminent speakers at the conference includes Dr. Yojana Bhagat (Mumbai University), Ven. Vinayarakkhita Thero (Bangalore) Ven. Khangser Rinpoche (Sera Ja Monastic University, South India) etc.

Research Papers

The organizers have invited the research papers which will be published on website and in the journal. The inductive topics suggested by the organizers are as follows:-

  • Meditation for Health and Happiness
  • Metta to Create peace, harmony, health and Happiness
  • Middle path to happiness
  • Importance of Sangha to develop Happy & Healthy Culture
  • Disciplined Financial planning leading to health and happiness
  • Why are we so busy? Productive and Effectiveness leading to happiness

The research paper should be maximum of 4 pages of A4 size using font “Arial–12” word format with normal margin (1 inch on all side of paper). The last date for submission of paper is 31st July, 2013 and the papers can be sent to or panchasheelasangha@gmail,com.



Shikshak Sadan

Opposite Kaveri Bhavan,

KG Road, Bangalore,

Karnataka, India.


Date                     18th August, 2013

Time                     9.30 AM to 5.00 PM







Published in Issue II, July 2013

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