Spreading Buddhism Conference 2013 (World Buddhist Unity for Peace)

Buddhist in Asian countries, wherever they are in minorities, are facing problems arising out of racial discriminations, caste prejudice, international terrorism and social injustice at the hands of the ruling dominant groups / castes. In India, it is very much prevalent. As such, the existences of the Buddhist in India and in Asia are at stake.

It is widely known that the Indian Buddhist are discriminated on the grounds of the Caste and they are deprived of their legitimate and constitutional rights in respect of their share in Public Administration, Government Jobs and Private Entrepreneurship.

In the wake of these alarming situations, the CIVIL RIGHTS PROECTIONS CELL invites the eminent Buddhist Monks, Scholars, Thinkers, Social Workers and Activists to attend the Spreading Buddhism Conference 2013 to be held on 20 & 21st July, 2013 at Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India.

During the two days conference there will discussions on the following topics:-

  1. Buddha Sangiti:

    Panel Discussions by Buddhist Monks on how to preserve and transfer ancient Buddhist culture to next generations.

  2. The Concept of Buddhist India:

    Panel Discussions on how to fulfil the dream of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar of Buddhist India.

  3. Buddhist Code of Conduct:

    Open Discussion on how to form a uniform Buddhist Code of Conduct which can be followed by all the Buddhist traditions in the world.

  4. Buddhism and Women Empowerment:

    Panel Discussions

  5. Buddhist Literature:

    Panel Discussions on role of Buddhist Literature in Spreading of Buddhism.

  6. Buddha’s Economics:

    Panel Discussion

  7. Buddhist Poets gathering and cultural events (Buddhist Kavi Sammelan).


The organisers have also invited research papers from the scholars, which they can present during the conference. The paper should not exceed 3000 words and it should reach the organisers latest by 30th June 2013. Interested individuals can get in touch with Dr. Milind Jiwane, Chairman and Chief Organizer, Civil Rights Protection Cell, Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India. Contact No. +91-9370984138 / +91-9890586822 / dr.milindjiwane@yahoo.com  or / and civilrightsprotectioncell@yahoo.in.


Published in Issue I, June 2013

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